Study Group and PDRT work

This wiki is a space where middle school Instructional Technology Specialists and Library Teachers can collaborate to revise the grade 6 Instructional Technology curriculum and align it to the Revised Massachusetts K-12 Instructional Technology Standards There is also a need to incorporate some Internet Safety lessons into the grade 6 Instructional Technology curriculum, as well as design the course within MassONE .

Study Group Proposal
Uploaded and submitted 4:29 PM on 5/31/07

Please add to required information that can then be included with the Study Group Proposal (the work must be complete by Thursday, May 31st for June 1st submission to Dr. Wyeth.)

Description of the purpose and goals of this study group:

The purpose of this group is to revise the Grade 6 Instructional Technology Curriculum and align it to the new Massachusetts K-12 Instructional Technology Standards. Our goal is to add Internet Safety Lessons, incorporate MassOne resources for teachers and students, and develop a collaborative teaching approach with complementary instruction.

Rationale for the group’s composition:

The group includes Instructional Technology Specialists and Library Teachers with a shared vision and commitment to creating a curriculum statement that supports student success and ensures students will graduate from the 8th grade with confidence and usable technology skills.

Information regarding how this proposal coordinates with or helps advance district and/or building initiatives:

The group will be learning and using new technology tools, such as wikis, discussion forums, MassOne and blogs and the group will plan for how these tools can be incorporated into the grade 6 technology curriculum.

How this proposal supports standards-based instruction:

This proposal supports standards-based instruction by revising and updating the current curriculum to align to the newly published Massachusetts Technology Standards.

What tangible product this group will produce:

This group will post the curriculum scope and sequence for teaching Instructional Technology to Grade 6 students in the wiki at [[.|]]

How you plan to share your work product with others:

This group will be working collaboratively using a wiki to produce a final "document". The final "document" will be available and linked to the school web sites for teachers, administrators, parents and students to view the Grade 6 Instructional Technology curriculum.