Class 1 and 2

Welcome to Technology Literacy

Students will listen to an overview of the Technology Literacy semester, receive their computer/seating assignments, and log on to the school network (wpsnet).
Students will use Internet Explorer, the Middle School Homepage(s), Students tab, and other resources available to them and their parents (including the Grade 6 Tech Literacy Curriculum & Technology Blog).

Today we will:
  • Introductions
  • Review Rules & Expectations – PowerPoint presentation
  • Log on to school network (wpsnet)
  • Open Internet Explorer, look at the middle school homepages and links
  • Open Microsoft Word to become more familiar with Microsoft Word 7

Class 2

Acceptable Use and E-Mail

Students will review and discuss the school rules and the Acceptable User Agreement for responsible use of computers and networks, using the Web 2.0 tool
Students will log onto school email accounts and send a practice e-mail to their teacher.

Today we will:
  • Receive seating assignment
  • Answer class hook question using
  • Log on to school e-mail accounts, send practice e-mails
  • Review Digital Acceptable Use Agreement DTAUA

Class 3

H drives and Type to Learn4

Students will organize their files on the server space (H:drive )by creating new folders and editing/deleting.
Students will log onto TTL4, take the keyboarding assessment, and begin practicing at appropriate keyboarding level.
Students will create a Microsoft Word document for their passwords, and save their TTL4 password (and all passwords) in this document.
Today we will:
  • Assess our keyboarding skills in the hook activity.
  • Organize H: drives & create new folders (ES, MS / GRADE 6, 7, 8 / Tech Lit).
  • Log on to Type to Learn 4 (TTL4) and complete pre-test.
  • Create “Passwords” document in Microsoft Word, save to Tech Lit folder, save TTL4 username and password.
  • E-mail your teacher what lesson you are in on TTL 4.
Double click for instructions on installing TYPE TO LEARN 4 on your home computer!

Classes 4 & 5

Word Printing E-Mail Wordle

Students will use menus in Microsoft Word to edit, format, and print a document.
Students will write and edit a document using spell-checker and grammar resources in Microsoft Word.
Students will select a printer, use print preview, and print with proper page set up and organization.
Students will copy and paste text and images within a document.
Email final project to your teacher.
Complete Wordle Assignment

Today we will:
  • TTL4 ten minutes
  • Microsoft Word - All About Me assignment

Class 6


Students will create a proper citations for copyrighted material (e.g. text, images, website) found on the Internet.

Today we will:
  • TTL4 ten minutes
  • Log on to Noodle Tools, create a username and password, and add both to your passwords doucument on your H: Drive
  • Mrs. May/Ms. Clerkin will co-teach the lesson on Noodle Tools

Classes 7 & 8

Google Apps

Students will use online tools (Google Apps for Education) to gather and share information collaboratively with other students.

Today we will:
  • TTL4 ten minutes
  • Introduction to Google Apps, distribute account information, log in and change password
  • Store password in passwords docs on H: drive
  • Make a copy of the _All About Me Scavenger Hunt Google Doc
  • Rename the document & complete the activity
  • Share Google Doc with the whole class & teacher (Community Building)

Classes 9, 10 & 11

PhotoStory 3

Students will create a project that uses text, graphics, audio, and video with proper citations to communicate ideas using PhotoStory 3.
Students will write a Haiku poem and research pictures on the Internet to compliment the poem.

Today we will:

Classes 12, 13 & 14

Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

Students will define cyberbulling and describe strategies to deal with such a situation, including how to annonoymously report incidents to school officials.
Students will describe potential risks and dangers associated with various forms of online communication.
Students will recognize the public exposure of e-mail and appropriate e-mail etiquette
Students will use painting and drawing applications to create and edit work.

Today we will:
TTL4 ten minutes
Discuss Cyberbullying & Internet Safety with school resource officer
Show Cyber Bullying exemplar posters
Watch Ryan Halligan Video & Netsmartz Videos Click here
Sketch out cyber bullying poster on paper
Demonstrate basics of Microsoft Paint
Create posters in Microsoft Paint and save on H:drives

Class 15

Media Literacy

  • Students will analyze media messages and determine if their purpose is to inform, persuade, or entertain.

Today we will:
- TTL4 Ten Minutes
- Review PBS Website on
and discuss advertising placement (ad detective).
- Control + Click on Create your own ad (demo how to save using Snipping Tools)
- Open & save a copy of the Ad Reflection document in Google Docs
- Answer the questions and share Google document with teacher.
- Independent work, control+ click on the following link: __
- Watch the commercials and answer the polls questions about each one.

Classes 16 & 17

Microsoft Excel

  • Working in pairs, you will: use the Internet to locate the calorie totals of your favorite fast food items, enter the data into an Excel spreadsheet, and create forumlas and a pie chart that shows the percent of calories of each item.
  • You will view a spreadsheet in MS Excel, identify and explain a cell, column, row.
  • You will enter data and perform calculations, observing the changes that occur.

Today we will:
- Practice keyboarding skills for 10 minutes in Type to Learn 4
- Take a pre-assessment.
- Discuss fast food preferences and visit website to find calories & fat calories of favorite items.
- Open Microsoft Excel, review and discuss cells, rows, addresses, columns, etc.
-Enter calories & fat calories in spreadsheet. Create a formula to calculate non-fat calories and total calories.

Project Instructions

MS Excel Screencasts
Creating a spreadsheet
Finding calorie info and recording into spreadsheet
Creating a formula in spreadsheet (addition/subtraction)
Creating a formula in spreadsheet (division)
Adding totals (AUTO SUM) in spreadsheets
Creating a bar chart from data in spreadsheet
Formatting an Excel spreadsheet (fonts, headings)
More formatting (inserting rows, adding titles, merge)

Class 18

Students will be introduced to databases.

Today we will:
Mrs. May & Ms. Clerkin will co-teach a lesson on databases that are used in the library

Classes 19 - 23

Wikispaces Internet Safety Collaborative Final Project

  • Students will use a wiki to collaborate on a project that will strengthen their understanding of Internet safety, ethics, and cyberbullying.
  • Students will conduct research on the potential risks and dangers associated with online communication.
  • Students will recognize the public exposure of email and understand the outline the basics of email etiquette
  • Students will recognize potential opportunities for unwanted exposure online.
  • Students will learn how social networking sites use, store, and sell information offered by users, and explore ways to protect one’s privacy online.
  • Students will define the term “digital footprint” and begin tracking how much information they have and should disclose on the Internet.

Today we will:
- Introduce and review Wikispaces, receive and save account information, review group assignments, log in to Wikispaces
- Open and save Google Doc checklist of requirements for each page
- Begin research on each page
- Demo of Wikispaces features, in cluding sharing links & uploading pictures and videos.
- Review Google Doc checklist of requirements for each page
-Review exemplar Wiki.

BONUS Projects

Bullying & Cyber Bullying Websites

Objective: Students will create a website on the topic of bullying and cyberbullying using

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Visit from school Safety Officer, and discussion about the law, bullying, cyber bullying and prevention
  • Open and save storyboard on H: drive
  • Review criteria for each page
    Goal - Students will have a better understanding of the new Massachusetts anti-bullying laws

Day 2 Agenda:
  • Visit McDevitt Technology Blog to view website created by 6th grade students
  • Start your research
  • Look through resources listed below, read & gather information for each web page, save information in PPT template
Goal - Students will gather resources and information needed to create an informative Cyber Bullying website.

Day 3 Agenda:
  • Continue research
  • Continue saving information (including source information in PowerPoint template)
  • Save images for website on H: drive
Goal -Students will finish research and find appropriate pictures to add to the website they will create.

Day 4 Agenda:
  • Log onto
  • Create an account (do this with teacher only)
  • Begin buildling web pages
Goal - Students will create a Cyberbullying website using

Resources for Research and Statistics:

Resources for Web Pages:

Grading Rubric
Each Page (including the homepage) should include:
  • Different picture(s) on each page - 20 points
  • Factual, relevant information in your own words on each page - 20 points
  • At least one link related to the topic on each page - 20 points
  • Bibliography with correct Noodle Tools formatting - 20 points
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation - 20 points

Total - 100 Points

Google Earth Project

Google Earth Timeline Project
    • Creating a Google Earth Timeline about you!
      • Your teacher will demonstrate how to create a Google Earth timeline. In the following activity, you will map out significant dates & locations in your life. For example, the date and location of your birth, the approximate date and location of any trips you and your family have taken, the date and location of the birth of a sibling, parent, etc. After the demonstration, click on the instructions below to begin your project!
      • When you finish, be sure to minimize the folder you created.
      • Log into Type to Learn (TTL) under your name (located in START bar).
      • Go to your lesson, or start at the beginning.

Google Sites - Creating a Website

Think about what makes a web site a good one...images, information, navigation, and organization. Now, compile information on your topic in a word document, and get ready to make your own web site!

Write an introductory paragraph for your homepage detailing what the site is about.
Gather information on the following topics for a minimum of **5 Navagation pages.
Each page (including the Homepage) should include the following:
  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation.
  • At least one link related to the topic.
  • Different fonts/sizes & colors.
  • A picture related to the topic.
Creating a Google Sites(This was done together with the class, here is a review).

Internet Search Project

Final Project

Useful Sites, Documents, & Information

Online Activities Page - Click here to work on keyboarding skills!
When you have finished your assignment - Click here for online activities.
Make an Animation!
Internet Safety Scavenger Hunt
Create a Wordle Poster
Paint a picture using ArtPad
Directions for Creating a Wordle
Make an online poster using Scrumblr
talking calculator |Help to do your math homework

Visit these sites for FUN, INTERACTIVE math games:
Click on the “lessons” button, complete the lessons in order, or jump around.
Click on the LESSONS tab on the left under the HOME tab - MATH SITE