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The primary goal of Grade 6 Technology Literacy is to teach students the technology skills needed to succeed as 21st century learners. Our goal is to embed technology into students everyday lives, both inside and outside the classroom.


705 Technology Literacy (2 periods per week for half the year)
Grade 6
New technologies are emerging all the time. In this elective, students will learn to implement new and cutting edge technology as well as navigate and manage web 2.0 tools in order to facilitate learning and work more efficiently in both the classroom and their lives outside of school.
Projects which require students to communicate effectively beyond their peer groups; develop and present innovative, creative solutions to real-world problems; and use critical thinking and decision making skills will be the foundation of the Technology Literacy class. Students will leave the class with a virtual toolkit which can be used to enhance learning in all academic subjects. Student projects in the Technology Literacy class will incorporate three standards:
  • Standard 1. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of computers and applications, as well as an understanding of the concepts underlying hardware, software, and connectivity.
  • Standard 2. Demonstrate the responsible use of technology and an understanding of ethics and safety issues in using electronic media at home, in school, and in society.
  • Standard 3. Demonstrate the ability to use technology for research, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

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